It is not only about giving. It is about becoming part of the Oblate Family.

Proximity to the Missionary Oblates. They have committed their lives to assist the most desperate people. Each of us can commit by different ways for helping others. Becoming a Club Member is an affordable commitment that makes each of us a member of this holy Oblate family. It is the commitment and the recognition our efforts will help.

A small, but regular gift is one of the greatest help you can provide.

Benefits from the different Clubs memberships:

Monthly Appeals Club
Your monthly pledge of $10.00, $20.00 or $50.00 a month can provide our missionaries with a lifeline for emergency needs that otherwise could not be met.

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Support a Child Club

What does the gospel have to do with poverty? Quite a bit.

Especially for those of us in the West, it’s tempting to look at poverty strictly in material or circumstantial terms.

“If these people just had enough food,” we think. “If that child could just get an education; if this family could just have access to basic medicine, then everything would be fine.”

These are all serious issues. Children and families living in poverty do need access to sufficient food, drinking water, education, medicine – the essentials of life.

But there’s more to poverty than material concerns.

As we read the Scriptures, we see that behind all the devastation poverty brings, there is something else at work. There’s a spiritual condition that frustrates and undermines our best efforts to change our own circumstances.The Bible calls it a curse.


Education Club

Some of the reasons why world wide more that 100 million children do not attend school or why school – in contrast to the situation of youth in industrialized countries – remains only a short episode in their lives, are given in the statements of the girls: poverty, child labour, high school fees and additional costs, family duties and a lack of schools.

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Formation Club
Ensure the future of the Missions by helping the many Oblate students unable to finance their studies on their own.

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